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Top 7 Solutions For Can’t Hear Calls On Galaxy S8, S8+ Plus, S9

If you surf the web for Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ Plus or Galaxy S9 troubleshooting articles, you will be surprised to discover how many people ask about this can’t hear calls problem. Sound and audio problems are, therefore, quite common, and you shouldn’t worry too much if you can’t hear your calls correctly.

As you will soon discover from this article, there are at least 7 culprits and 7 things you can try to fix the issue. No matter if you have problems when making calls or when receiving calls. No matter if you are a technical person or not. And without contacting the retailer for further help.

The quickest way to fix call volume to low on your Samsung phone would be to use bluetooth headphones will making phone calls. You can find some of the best bluetooth headphones on Amazon here.

Naturally, if nothing from below will help you, the eighth option will be just that, asking professional help from your retailer. In the meantime, however, follow this guide with top 7 solutions for can’t hear calls on Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ Plus or Galaxy S9:


  1. Take a look at how much signal you have – the signal bars, from the top right corner of the screen, will indicate you how strong is the signal from the closest wireless tower. That’s how phones offer you voice services, by constantly communicating with wireless towers and getting their signals from it. If you notice you don’t have signal, first reset your smartphone. This guide on how to reboot a Samsung Galaxy S8 will help you overcome a possible small glitch of your smartphone.


  1. Ask around and see if there’s any outage in the area – an outage in your area is one of the most common reasons for issues with calls on Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus. When cellular services go off because of various maintenance reasons, there’s nothing you can do about it. But knowing that the problem is not with your device will definitely take away some of this pressure.


  1. Check the SIM card and its position – sometimes, when the SIM card was incorrectly inserted or when it just deteriorated after a long use, the voice services might be impaired. So turn off your phone, take out the SIM card tray, remove the SIM and reinsert it. If it’s still not working, test with a different SIM card.


  1. Verify the status of the microphone – another common circumstance is when debris, dust, and dirt stuck around the microphone. Try to clean it by using compressed air and then see if the audio problem persists.


  1. Test with the Bluetooth deactivated – other times, when the Bluetooth is malfunctioning, it could interfere with the quality of your calls. The best way to test this is by turning it off and seeing if you still can’t hear calls on Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus with the Bluetooth deactivated.


  1. Revise the cache status – whenever the cache is affecting making or receiving calls, wiping cache on your smartphone can easily solve an audio problem. If you don’t know how to do it, this guide to wiping cache on Galaxy S8/S8+ Plus will teach you step by step.


  1. Explore in Recovery Mode – this special booting sequence for Android devices is the place from where you can investigate particular problems and troubleshoot them. Read this guide on how to boot Galaxy S8/S8+ Plus into Recovery Mode.


The conclusion is pretty intuitive. Most users resolve the can’t hear calls problem through one of the above steps. If you didn’t do it, contact the retailer and ask for extra help. As promised, the solutions at hand are easy to implement even by less tech savvy users. And for the last two, which are, indeed, a bit more technical, we got you covered with the step-by-step guides. Let us know how it worked out for you!


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