Turn OFF “show pictures immediately after recording” On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

By default, when you take a picture on the Samsung Galaxy S8 camera app, a small preview image will appear in the corner. This feature is activated to allow users to know that their picture has been taken. It’s also useful to quickly check the picture quality before carrying on with the next shot.

For example, users can tap the picture preview to view a full screen version of the image, and then press the back button to return to the camera app. If you do not want to have this feature on your camera app, you’ll be excited to know that this feature can be switched off.

To switch off the picture preview feature on your Samsung Galaxy S8, first open the camera app, and then tap the settings menu. (it looks like a small gear icon.) Scroll through the settings menu until you see the “review pics/videos” option. Tap to move the slider for this feature to the OFF position.

After this, you will no longer see preview images each time you take a picture or a video with the Samsung Galaxy S8 camera app.

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