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Turn ON And OFF Spell Check In Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ Plus, S9

The Spell Check feature on Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8 as well as the S8+ Plus was designed so as to help you fix typos and any other spelling mistakes which we make mostly when typing text messages or anything else on our Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8 and S8+ Plus smartphones. On your Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ Plus, you will find the automated spell check feature that has now made the typing and sending of emails and text messages easier. With the spell check feature turned on, you will see all the misspelled words underlined in red.

You can click on the word underlined in red to see the suggested correct words. The guide below shows how to turn on the spell checker on Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ Plus and Galaxy S9 smartphone.


Turning On the Spell Check on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9

  1. Click on the Samsung Galaxy
  2. Go to the main menu settings and locate the Android System Settings
  3. Select on Language & Input
  4. Look for and choose the Samsung Keyboard
  5. Choose to Auto Check Spelling


If you ever have to turn off the Spell Check, simply go to the keyboard and from the settings you can change the auto spell check or autocorrect to be off on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9.

This should take things back to the initial settings. If you installed a different keyboard other than the default Android keyboard via Google Play Store, you may find a different process of having to turn off the Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ Plus or Galaxy S9 depending on how the keyboard has been laid out.


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