“Unfortunately, Email Has Stopped” Error On Samsung Galaxy And Galaxy S8+ Plus

Everyone of the Android devices being released into the market are coming with a preloaded universal email app which enables you to access, use and manage any type of an email account from all email service providers. Nevertheless, you probably know by now that nothing is ever perfect and as such, you are likely to come across this app crashing just like any other Android apps. As this app crashes, it will definitely affect the normal functioning of your smartphone.

This issue can also be experienced non high-end devices such as the Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphones and is common now to hear owners of these phones complaining about coming across an error message that says ‘Unfortunately, Email has stopped working ‘ I this guide, I will try to bring to light some possible causes of this problem. And it is crucial that I also try and come up with a real solution to this problem.

You could be facing this issue simply because the firmware on your phone was damaged by a glitch which ended up force closing nearly all apps on your device. Alternatively, the problem could be the email app itself which was directly affected by the glitch. One other thing you need to consider is that an app which is connected to your email app might get damaged and hence crash. With this, it is end up disrupting the normal functioning of your smartphone. There is no need for panic my friend. Here is why;


Getting rid of the ‘Unfortunately, Email has stopped working’ error

  1. Restart your Samsung Galaxy S8 to get rid of this issue. To carry out this process, simple do as follows;
  2. Press the power button, long enough to bring up the power options. Choose to restart phone.


The source of your problem could be simply that you do not have active internet connection. S, irrespective of whether you are using a personal email or a company email, always ensure that you are to connected to an active inteenet connection to be able to retrieve your email.

Our other option could be to try and delete the system cache. The process of clearing system cache is very common especially with regards to email errors and it should be dealt with thi way especially if it all began after an update.


To achieve this;

  1. Power off your Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphone
  2. Press and hold the power, home and volume down buttons all at the same time.
  3. Hold the home and volume up button but continue to hold the power button when the Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus logo shows on the screen
  4. Release the remaining keys when the logo for Android appears
  5. Highlight the wipe cache partition option using the volume down key
  6. Choose the highlighted option by using the power button
  7. Wait for your smartphone to complete the process of wiping cache partition
  8. Now choose Reboot system now


As your very last process, try to hard reset your smartphone. You may be wondering if it is really worth the trouble. Well, as long as it fixes the issues on your phone, then I can say that it is really worth its. Therefore, you should give it a try by using this guide!

For those of us who would like to fix totally new problems, take a look at the Galaxy S8 pages. Here you will find numerous solutions and tips to previously solved problems. Always feel free to contact us using the contact form or leave a comment below, if none of the solutions we have works for you.


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