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Update Stuck On Samsung Galaxy S8

We will try to explain to you how you can fix the issue of your Galaxy S8 being stuck on the software update issue as well as other problems that are related.


Galaxy S8 Stuck On The Software Update

Problem: There has recently been a issue with my Galaxy S8 as it the software update is stuck and continuously loops from the start up screen of the Galaxy S8 to the initializing system update to the screen that shows an error. I have tried to power left/up volume and switch on/off but it seems as if that is not changing anything. How can I fix this?


Solution: There might be a glitch that occurred while you were trying to update and this led to the problem. You can fix this issue by doing a factory reset after you put your phone in recovery mode. However, if you reset your phone, you will lose all information on your phone such as contacts, photos, videos, and apps. So it is important to make sure you have backed up your device before you move on.



Galaxy S8 Does Not Accept Security Update

Problem: There has been an issue with the Galaxy S8 not accepting security updates. Since then, they have downloaded and then crash once it is about to complete. The device will then restart and show a notification that the update has failed. I took the step of clearing the cache, removing all the apps except the apps that were factory apps. I then shut the device down and then restarted it once time has passed. I have not been able to find a solution. I try to check the recent updated but a popup appears and says that I should contact the Samsung Center, which I cannot reach. How can I fix this problem that I am having.


Solution: To fix your problem, you can try to download the update while the device is connected to an alternative Wi-Fi network. If this does not work, try to start the device in recovery mode and wipe the cache partition. After, connect your computer to your device with the Smart Switch. Then try to do the update with Smart Switch. You will have to do a factory reset your phone if this does not work. Keep in mind to backup your device before you do a factory reset.



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