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Use Emojis On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus (Find Out How)

Emojis are so popular these days that some people even use it during business conversations. They say that using the right symbols at the right time can help you close a deal much easier, so who are we to judge… Nevertheless, if your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus doesn’t seem to make this feature available for you, we’re here to show you how to get it on your own.

If there’s one thing you need to know from the very beginning, it would be that it takes installing the correct software for your smartphone to support emojis. Also, different types of emojis can be accessed and used through specific programs. But even the built-in texting app from your device should have a couple of smiley or frowned faces available – all you need to do is to select the Menu and tap on Insert Smiley.

Coming up next, we’re going to put under scrutiny two of the most common situations that could prevent you from having this kind of social experience:


Situation 1 – you and your texting partner are using different, incompatible software.

Your Galaxy S8 runs a particular software and the other person’s phone runs a different software that is not compatible with yours. The situation is common especially when a third-party texting app is trying to communicate with the default texting app of the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus.

When software doesn’t speak the same “language”, it’s hard for the two of you to see the same things in the texting app. The compromise here, to fix the problem, is to decide what software you want to use and try a version whose emojis work on both smartphones.


Situation 2 – your operating system might require an update

If it’s more than just an incompatibility with one texting buddy, and you notice that the majority of your friends who use an S8/S8+ Plus have access to emojis you just can’t use, the problem could be on your device. Usually, it’s the operating system that needs an upgrade.

You can check if there are any updates available by going to the System Update section, under Settings/More, and tapping on the Update Samsung Software option, the Check Now button.

Once you’ve pressed that button, the smartphone will start scanning for available software and carry on with the update in case it finds anything. Now go on and see if the newer version of Android just gave you access to newer emojis.

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