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Use Emojis On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus (Guide)

Many people love emojis because they can be incredibly expressive. Sometimes, one smiley face can say a lot more than all the characters in a text message. And as childish as some might think they are, even the coolest smartphones out there, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus, should support their use. If you have one of these phones but Emojis won’t display on it, have a bit of faith and… patience.

In some cases, the smartphone won’t display the emojis because of a software installation issue. Or because you actually don’t have the right software to support the emojis. After all, there are many different apps out there that do the same, but when you and the person you’re texting with are using different software, some incompatibilities may occur.

For starters, access the Menu of your stock keyboard app and use the option labeled as Insert Smiley. If you cannot use this feature, there are two things you can consider:

  1. Perform a system update;
  2. Agree with the other person to use the same software.


If you’ve noticed other people who use a Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus and the default messages app, just like you do, but they have access to the Emojis, maybe they are running a different system version. So, update your phone to the latest OS version available by scanning for updates under the general Settings. Go to More, select System Update and Update Samsung Software. After that, tap on the Check now button and let the phone do the rest of the work.

When the update is done, launch the texting app and see if you can use the Emojis this time.

If you still can’t, remember, it could be some software incompatibility between your messaging app and the other friend’s messaging app. The stock app trying to communicate with a third-party app will do great when it comes to texting, though, the Emojis thing may not work that smoothly. Agree on what app you should both use and your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus should no longer have this problem.


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