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Using Calculator On Samsung Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8+ Plus

Are you calculating a lot on a daily basis? If you’re tired of doing the math in mind, let your Samsung Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8+ Plus do it for you. The days when you were supposed to download the app for a scientific calculator are long gone. From this moment on, you have access to a very handy widget that will transform your smartphone into a powerful calculator.

Now imagine you have this tiny app icon sitting on your Home screen. You tap on it and the Galaxy device suddenly becomes a calculator. The widget is built-in, like we said, and we’ll explain below how to use calculator on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus.


How to use Calculator on Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8+ Plus

Activating this feature is much easier than you’d think. The trick, however, is to activate the Rotate Screen function before anything else.

Consequently, you will first need to access the Status bar. Look for the Rotate Screen icon and tap on it to activate it or leave it like that if it’s already enabled.

The second step of the process is also the last step since now you only have to turn your smartphone. By placing it transversely, the Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8+ Plus will automatically display on its screen this scientific calculator with multiple functions.

Whether you want to do a simple math or perform some fancy calculations with sine, root, cosine or tangent, knock yourself out you should now know how to use Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 calculator. And yes, there are plenty of other mathematic functions available, this was just a mere introduction!

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