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Using Samsung Note 8 As A Flashlight

The Note 8 are said to be Samsung’s latest leads. Most users of the Samsung Note 8 would want to download the flashlight. The great news about your phone is that it has no LED Maglite. At the point when you get to know that you do not need to download a flashlight app that there is an easier and faster way on the smartphone that enables you operate the torch perfectly which is also known as a widget which would be placed on the home screen of your device.

The widget is not an application but rather appears like one. In order to be able to operate the widget on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you should read through the guide below.


Using Samsung Note 8 as a Flashlight

  1. Turn on your Samsung Note 8 device
  2. Press your home screen button for a while till it shows “home screen settings” “Wallpaper” and “Widgets”
  3. Select on the options and move down to discover the “torch”
  4. Tap on the light and hold it for a while. You can now move the icon to somewhere that has an open space located on the home screen.
  5. After this, the light App would forever be on your screen. And whenever you want to make use of it, just one click would do the magic.


The instruction given above would assist you whenever you wish to use the flashlight on your Galaxy Note 8.

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