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Using Third Party Ringtones On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

For the users of the Galaxy smartphone, you may have noticed that since the Music app updated to a newer version, it acquired the power of Google music for those users in the beta.

However, it lacks one crucial feature: you cannot set a song as a ring tune or a notification tune. Lucky for you, Android has figured out a way you can do this manually.

By using third party apps to set a song as a ringtone, it allows you to set up the tune manually to make it easy for you when upgrading to a new phone. This is because the app will still be stored on your SD card at the point of the transfer, without necessarily having to install a particular app. And this is especially easy to perform.

  1. Connect your device to a PC and then mount the SD card. Alternatively, purchase a file explorer such as ASTRO or ES File explorer from the market.
  2. Make a new folder in the root directory of the Micro SD card and name it ‘’Ringtones’’ without the quotes.
  3. Input the preferred songs in the necessary directory


Once you are through with the procedure, go to the ‘’Sound” option from the settings menu of the Android service. Your list of songs will now appear in the song options for ringtones and notification tunes. And what’s even cool is that you don’t have to repeat the same procedure when you upgrade your device, as long as you keep the same SD card.


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