What Means LTE, H+, 3G, E And G On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

When you are using your Samsung Galaxy S8, you may have noticed that your signal symbols will often change between LTE, H+, 3G, E, G, 4G, and a number of other status names. Read below to learn what each of these symbols mean.

These symbols are used to determine the current signal type of your mobile data connection. Firstly, these symbols let you know that your mobile data is turned on and connected. Secondly, these symbols tell you what strength signal you have.

For example, 4G and LTE signify a high speed 4G data connection. With 4G or LTE, you’ll be able to reach speeds of 21.6 Mbit / s download up to 5.7 Mbit / s upload.


Samsung Galaxy S8 What Means LTE, H+, 3G, E and G?

  • If you have the H+ symbol, you are connected to HSPA (HSDPA / HSUPA). This is the second fastest internet speed. With this, you’ll be able to reach 7.5 Mbit/s download speeds and 1.35 Mbit/s upload speeds.
  • 3G shows that you’re connected to a 3G network. It’s the third highest speed. With this, you are able to download files at up to 380 Kbits / s and upload files at 180 Kbit/s. As you can see, 3G is significantly slower than H+ and 4G/LTE.
  • If you have the E symbol, this means you are connected to Edge. This is one of the slowest available speeds. You can download files at 218 kbits / s and upload files at 109 kbit / s. Trying to load files and pages with this speed will take a long time.
  • Finally, the G symbol is for a GPRS signal. This is the slowest speed available on the Samsung Galaxy S8. With this, you’ll get a very slow 53.6 kbit / s download speed and a 27 kbit / s upload speed. You’ll have trouble loading any pages or using any apps that require mobile data with these speeds.


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