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What To Do When Galaxy S8 Display Doesn’t Want To Turn On

This problem usually goes like this: you don’t use your Samsung Galaxy S8 for a while and when you want to, you notice that you press the power button and the screen doesn’t light up. The soft keys do, but not the display. If someone happens to call you at that time, the display remains black. This doesn’t repeat all the time, but rather randomly. When the screen fails to wake up in different circumstances, it doesn’t mean that, just because you don’t have a pattern, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Also, it doesn’t mean that you have to assume the worse. For simple glitches, you can try the following two logical things:

  • Check the battery status – take a charger and plug it in. Let the phone sit for a while at charging, if the battery was too low, it will need some time until it will have enough power to run normally.
  • Check the power button status – maybe the little button got stuck. Press it several times in a row, until you make sure that it really doesn’t want to respond to any command.


If none of these basic moves made the display to light up, you have two other main options:

  1. Ask help from the outside – not a friend, but rather an authorized person, from the store where you bought your Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus;
  1. Try to troubleshoot it by yourself – we’re talking about booting into Safe Mode or Recovery Mode and finding the cause of the malfunction.


If you want to get technical support

You should know that this is the safest option. Especially if you still have warranty for the product, take advantage of it and let a technician analyze the problem. Irreparable defects will lead to replacing the device with a new one, so why put yourself through so much trouble by trying to fix it yourself when there’s a warranty in place and you can let others handle it?


If youre ready to dig deeper on your own

You can boot into Safe Mode:

  1. Tap the Power button;
  2. Hold it until you see on the screen the Samsung logo;
  3. Release the Power button;
  4. Press the Volume down and hold it until the device restarts;
  5. Soon after that, you should see, at the bottom left corner, the Safe Mode logo.


If the steps shortly presented above weren’t very explicit for you, read this detailed guide on how to boot in/out of Safe Mode on Galaxy S8+ Plus. For now, remember that this running mode will only use a limited number of pre-loaded apps. If a malfunctioning app was making the screen unresponsive, this is the best place where you could test this circumstance.


You can boot into Recovery Mode:

  1. Turn off the phone and get it into Recovery Mode;
  2. Hold them until you feel a short vibration of the Samsung device;
  3. Let go of the Power button;
  4. Keep holding the two other buttons until the text Android System Recovery will show up on the screen;
  5. With the Volume Down button make your way towards the Wipe Cache Partition option;
  6. With the Power button initiate the action;
  7. Wait for the wipe cache to end and the smartphone will automatically restart.


If you feel you could use more explanations on how to fix an unresponsive screen on Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus, read our guide on how to clear cache on S8+ Plus.


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