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What To Do When You’ve Forgotten Galaxy S8 Password

Can’t remember your Galaxy S8 password? Or something happened and, even though you’re using the right password, you still can’t access your device? Such circumstances aren’t very common, yet the solutions aren’t complicated at all.

If you want to know how to complete a Galaxy S8 password reset, in this article we are going to show you two solutions and 3 stages for doing so. Confused?


Your options are:

  1. Reset the password by logging into your Google account;
  2. Reset the password by performing a Factory Reset;
    • Reset the password;
    • Factory reset the device.


How to complete a Galaxy S8 password reset from your Google account 

For this particular solution, you will need an active Google account that you have registered on your currently blocked smartphone as well.

You will have to connect the device to a WiFi network, log into the account, and modify your password from there.

If you can’t remember the credentials for your Google account, you have the alternative of a factory reset. Before proceeding to this second solution, however, you must backup all the data on your mobile. The factory reset will erase everything, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.


How to complete a Galaxy S8 password reset by performing a Factory Reset

Like mentioned, this reset will come in two stages. First, you need to bypass the old password by using the hardware keys and resetting it. Then you will have to factory reset your device:


Password reset steps:

  1. Turn off your device;
  2. Simultaneously press the 3 main hardware keys: the Power button, the Volume Up button, and the Home button;
  3. Hold these 3 keys until the Samsung logo will be displayed on the screen;
  4. After that, release the buttons as the phone enters the Developer menu;
  5. Use the Volume Down button to identify and highlight the option labeled as Wipe Data/Factory Reset;
  6. Use the Power Button to activate this option;
  7. Use the Volume Down button once again, to confirm that you want to wipe data;
  8. Use the Power button one more time to initiate the process.


Factory reset steps:

  1. Turn on your device;
  2. Go to the general Settings;
  3. Tap on the Backup and Reset menu;
  4. Tap on the Factory Data reset option.


When all these are done, your phone will be empty and you can start configuring it as per your desire.


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