Where Do I Get Ringtones For Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus

Have you ever wanted to get ringtones for Samsung Galaxy or Galaxy S9 Plus? Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus users want, just like any other smartphone user out there, to be able to tell who’s calling them just by hearing the incoming call ringtone. When you know who’s calling you, if it’s a dear person, you might want to hurry up and answer even when you’re in an important meeting. If it’s someone… not so dear, you can choose to ignore the call or mute the device instantly and keep doing whatever you were doing before that minor interruption.

Either way, unique ringtones will make your life easier. And you can adjust whatever you’re currently using, either from the list of built-in ringtones, or… from your library of songs. How?


The Essentials Of How To Download Ringtones On Samsung Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus

The process is simple, when you have the exact instructions. One important aspect, however, is that you have several options: you can change the ringtones for the entire agenda, you can do it for one contact, or you can do it for several different contacts, as many as you want, but manually, one by one. Also, you can choose to have a specific ringtone for an incoming call and a different ringtone for an incoming message, all for the same contact.


With so many options, let us show you the basics, which is how to change the ringtone of an incoming call for a specific contact. Learn that and everything else will seem natural:

  1. First things first, unlock your phone;
  2. Turn on the phone app;
  3. Switch from the Dialer pad to the Contacts list, where you can browse through your list of contact details;
  4. When you find a contact that you’d like to change the incoming call ringtone for, simply tap on its name;
  5. In the next window, with the overview details of that contact, you’ll also have a pen-shaped icon that needs to be selected;
  6. When tapping the pen icon, you’ll gain access to the Ringtone button;
  7. Select the Ringtone and a popup window will list all the ringtone sounds currently available on your phone;
  8. Browse through it and make a selection or use the Add option to browse through your entire phone and select another audio file as a ringtone.


The last option will literally allow you to select a song from your phone, like an MP3 song that you’re listening on a regular basis, and turn it into your ringtone for that selected contact. How simple and cool is it to get new ringtones for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus?

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