Where Is Developer Option In Samsung Note 8

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and you felt the need to ask this question, you’re probably more than entitled to get its answer. That’s because the Developer Option is a hidden feature of your smartphone and you’ve been curious enough to ask about it – something that most standard users don’t do. So, we can tell that you’re interested in exploring the advanced functions, perhaps even enabling the USB debugging mode or simply changing some settings of the device. All these things and many others can be achieved from that particular mode. Though hidden, it only requires a few screen taps to become visible and allow the activation…


To enable the Developer Options on a Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

  1. Start by accessing the general Settings menu;
  2. After you slide down the notification bar and you tap on the gear-icon that will take you to Settings, look for the section entitled About Device;
  3. Under that section, you have a Build Number entry;
  4. Tap on Build Number several times in a row, until you can see a prompt on the screen, and continue to do four other taps right after the prompt showed up;
  5. At that point, you can use the back button to return to the Settings menu;
  6. As you scroll down through the general options, you will notice that the Developer options are now listed right above the About Device section;
  7. Suffices to tap on the newly listed Developer Options and you’ll unlock all those special, advanced features for customizing the Samsung Galaxy Note 8!


Just in case you didn’t have a clear plan in mind when you decided to do the entire above… Allow us to suggest you a first cool setting that you should try – the animation scale options! When you look at it under the Developer Options, you will notice that all the animation scale options are set at 1x by default. Try to lower them all to 0.6x and see how fast the smartphone will start working after that point!

For the rest of it, we will let you explore and test on your own. Take our final statement as an encouragement of enabling and exploring the Developer Options on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. While these settings are for the advanced users, there’s nothing that you can really break while tweaking those features. See for yourself!

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