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Where To Find Private Folder On Samsung Note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 smartphones come with a built-in feature that is easy to turn on and off. Once you use the Private Mode, you have the chance to create a special folder where you can hide any kind of file and only make it visible in the Private Mode.

The feature is already available, so it requires no third-party app download. And it can only be accessed with a special pin code or unlock pattern that you get to set. Whatever you store in its special folder will only be visible when you activate and type the password of the Private Mode. And as soon as you have deactivated it, the folder will be invisible in the normal running mode!


How to activate/deactivate the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Private Mode

  1. When you decide to test the Private Mode on your Note 8, you will first have to enable this feature from the Quick Settings list:
  2. Go to the Home screen;
  3. Use two fingers to swipe down from the top of the display and get that menu that covers most of the screen;
  4. Look for the icon of the Private Mode, listed in there;
  5. Tap on it to turn the Private Mode on;
  6. Enter a pin code that you would like to use and that you will be asked for with all your future activations;
  7. Also, if it’s the first time you enable this feature, you’ll have to go through a short presentation of how to use it.
  8. The same steps of accessing the Menu and tapping on the Private Mode icon will have to be repeated when you will want to disable this feature.


How to handle your files within the Galaxy Note 8 Private Mode

Now that you know what it takes to turn the Private Mode on or off, you are probably anxious to see how to add new files. The steps are generally intuitive and just as simple as enabling or disabling the mode…

  1. Turn on the Private Mode by following the steps suggested above;
  2. Then, navigate to the location of the photo or the file that you are planning to transfer to the new, secure location;
  3. Select that file and you should see the button of an Overflow menu located in the upper right corner of the window;
  4. Tap on that button and, from the list of options, select Move to Private;
  5. Repeat the steps – selection >> Overflow menu button >> Move to Private with any other file that you wish to protect;
  6. The Private Mode will automatically create a folder where it will store all these files and protect them from being visible in the normal running mode;
  7. Leave the Private Mode by following the steps suggested above when you’re done.


All these being said, you should already have all the necessary information to get started with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Private Mode. Give us a sign if you need any kind of extra help!

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