Why Are Emojis Not Showing Up On My Note 9 Or Note 8

Emojis are growing in popularity and wherever the Samsung Note 9 and Note 8 users are talking about it, the excitement is more than obvious. And still, not all the users have the chance of using the Emojis the way they want. Some of them can’t use it at all, some of them use it but notice that the people they text to don’t get the same symbols and all kinds of inconsistencies are often reported.

The key to this tangled situation is… consistency. For two persons who chat using Emojis to be able to send, receive, and see the same symbols, it would have to be a match in terms of OS version and/or the used software. Launching the built-in texting app of the Note 9 and Note 8 and selecting Insert Smiley from the Menu is the first thing to do. If it doesn’t work, check our suggestions from below:


See what version of operating system you’re running on

To get the same Emojis as the person you talk to, make sure that you have the latest OS available, just like that person does. Go to the main Menu of your smartphone and launch the Settings window. From under the More submenu, select System Update and tap on Update Samsung Software. You have a final option labeled as Check Now that you have to wait. And after that, follow the prompts that will show up on the screen to get your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to the latest available update. With the new version, new Emojis may come, just like the ones you’ve seen your buddies using.


See what texting software you’re currently using

When the OS is up to date and the Emojis are enabled but you can’t get what your friend is sending, it may be that you’re using different texting apps. A third-party app will come with some different Emojis than your built-in messaging app. You two would better decide on what app you use and such problems should disappear.

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