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Why Can’t I See Emojis On My Galaxy S8 Or Galaxy S8+ Plus?

Some users complain that they can’t see Emojis on their Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus. If that’s your case too, and you’ve already accessed the texting app’s Menu and clicked on Insert Smiley without success, here are two reasons why it may not work on your phone.

Aside from the predefined Emojis that your device’s operating system comes with, it takes special software to use different Emojis. Suffices to run a search in the Google Play for Emojis and you will get a generous list will all kinds of apps you can try. The problem, however, is that it takes certain compatibility between the Emojis sent by someone and the Emojis your phone can recognize and display.

Long story short, there are two main aspects you need to consider: the operating system you are currently running and the Emojis software that you and your texting partners are using.


Problem #1 – The operating system version

You can tell it’s the operating system that you need to check if you notice that other owners of Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus are having access to emojis that you don’t have on your smartphone. Most likely, they are using a newer OS version, so you need to check yours and install the most recent update available:

  1. Swipe down the Menu bar;
  2. Enter the general Settings;
  3. Tap on More;
  4. Look for the System Update section;
  5. Tap on Update Samsung Software;
  6. Tap on Check Now;
  7. Follow the prompts for installing whatever update the device will find.


Problem #2 – The Emojis software

Just like we previously mentioned, you need a certain compatibility between Emojis software in order to “speak the same language” with your text buddies. The solution here is simple, yet it often comes to your friends’ understanding.

You can either ask them to use your preferred texting app or Emojis or you can decide to use the same third-party texting app that they’re using so you can use the same Emojis.


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