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Wi-Fi Not Working On Samsung Note 8 – Solution

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is being complained by the customers about its WIFI system. Its WIFI is not working properly. Some complaints have been checked, which are about slow WIFI connection or weak signals. The main complaint on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is all about the automatic turn from WIFI to data and ability to forget the WIFI connection on Galaxy Note 8 is the issue. Here are some suggestions to get rid of this issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 8, it’ll surely work to fix this problem on note 8.


Make sure Wi-Fi is turned off on Samsung Galaxy Note 8

It is an unknown mistake by most of the people that they still connect their WIFI to a weak connection system even during checking. To check out the problem of your Galaxy Note 8 make sure to switch off your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Act on the below suggestions to get a way out of these problems on your Galaxy Note 8 and go to the settings.


  1. Switch your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 On.
  2. Choose the Menu option.
  3. Go to the Settings.
  4. Choose the Connections.
  5. Click on Wi-Fi.
  6. Then touch the Wi-Fi toggle to turn it on or off.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 switches from Wi-Fi to Data randomly

In Samsung Galaxy Note 8 WIFI connection doesn’t change from WIFI to data automatically, but it changes through WLAN to the mobile data connection. This WLAN mobile data connection is switched On through the Android settings. It is known as “Smart network switch” which is specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

This setting is especially for the automatic switching between WiFI and mobile networks. As LTE always help in building a proper network connection. It is such an appropriate setting which can help to fix all the issues about WIFI on Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


How to forget a saved Wi-Fi network:

There is a process behind every movement on Galaxy Note 8. To forget the saved WIFI network, move to the settings menu and hold to the WIF section. Search out the network that you want t to forget, and remove it from your Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Scan the Wi-Fi connection and press it for a while till you get the option “Forget” and choose it to forget your WIFI connection. This is not the only way but you can also use modify option to set out the things more nicely. In this way, WIFI saved password can be changed from your device.

  1. Switch on the Galaxy Note 8.
  2. On The home screen Swipe down, to get a way to the notification bar and choose Settings for this.
  3. San the network connections for your device and then click on WIFI.
  4. If WIFI has switched off then tap on the toggle of on/   off to turn it on.
  5. Choose your specific WIFI connection to forget and then click on the option Forget.
  6. In this way, the selected wi-fi network will be forgotten by the device.


Disable the smart network switch on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and fix the Wi-Fi problem: 

  1. Switch your Galaxy Note 8 On.
  2. Turn On the mobile data connection of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8.
  3. After your access to the mobile data connection, turn it On and click on the Menu -> Settings -> Wireless.
  4. On the start of your phone page, you’ll see the option “smart network switch”
  5. Uncheck this option to get not an appropriate wireless connection of your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with the router still upright.
  6. All is set, now there will no disturbance be seen in the switching of WIFI and mobile data automatically.


Solve Slow Wi-Fi on Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is trendy with modern features in the market. But it is facing an issue of slow WIFI. When, the social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp are used. Either it takes a long time to upload the pictures or pictures look gray.

Even sometimes the WIFI signal is strong and Wi-Fi is still slow, it is really annoying some. But it can be fixed. There are following suggestions to help you out in this problem of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.


How to fix slow Wi-Fi on Samsung Galaxy Note 8:

  1. Turn off the Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  2. Hold the turn off, volume up and the home button all at the same time for seconds.
  3. After a while, when the Galaxy Note 8 will vibrate once and the recovery mode will be started.
  4. Scan from the settings “wipe cache partition” and turn it On.
  5. After few minutes, the process will be completed and Reboot your Samsung Galaxy note 7 with “Reboot System now”


Get Technical Support

The above suggestions will help you to fix these problems of your Galaxy Note 8. But if these problems are still not fixed, and you had to have a slow internet connection on your smartphone. Then take your phone to the technicians shop for its proper checking.

There, it can be checked for any damage, internal or external. If it is proven to be a defaulted phone, then technician may provide you an appropriate solution or repairmen for your phone. If, is repairable.

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