Wireless Charging For Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Not Working (Solution)

Imagine the disappointment of Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus owners when not being able to charge their smartphones wirelessly. Oh, wait, you’re here looking for a solution on the wireless charging for Samsung Galaxy S9 not working, which means you’re already there. Already felt the bitter taste of not being able to use your smartphone as it’s intended to…

What is it that you’ve been trying to use? The classic Samsung wireless charging pad? Or perhaps the extra-powerful option provided by the Samsung Qi fast-charge wireless charging pad? As you must have noticed, they are both parts of this global standard, which means you can find them pretty much anywhere.

Given their accessibility, chances are you have already tried to use different wireless charging pads for same Samsung Galaxy S9. Maybe you’ve even removed the case of the device and did everything else you could think of, only to make that “wireless charging paused” message go away…

To cut to the chase, most likely, the cause of your problem is the USB cable. You may not know it and still, the longer this cable is, the higher are the chances for the device to display that message and stop the charging process.

To come up with a solution for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus wireless charging not working, you’d better attach a shorter cable to the wireless charging pad – check your options on Amazon, by the way! Alternatively, you can also try a praised model like this premium micro USB fast charge cable – Sabrent 22AWG. If you make this change – opt for a shorter cable, and get a lower resistance of the charger to the overall charging power – you’ll most likely be able to charge Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus, wirelessly, very fast!

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