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How To Put OnePlus 5 In Silent Mode (Priority Mode)

Looking to switch the OnePlus 5 to the Silent Mode will probably don’t end successfully because that’s not how the manufacturer calls it anymore… That’s right, the previously Silent Mode option changed its name into Priority Mode. As you can expect, it is more than just a change of name. More on how the Android software works under the new Priority Mode will be detailed below.

To begin with, we should mention that it might seem a little bit more complicated to understand, at first. But once you pass over these hurdles, you’ll grasp its principles and actually appreciate it. From how to set it up and how to control your apps to how to change the OnePlus 5 Priority Mode options, you’ll find it all in this article.


The Priority Mode setup

Back in the time of the old Silent Mode, turning on this feature would have meant that you are blocking the audio notifications from any kind of caller, text message, or other app or system notification. With the Priority Mode, however, you get far more advanced control on what can pierce this wall of silence and what can’t do it – from people to apps!

  1. Tap the volume button until you see a pop-up dialog box on the display;
  2. In there, select the Priority option, which will take you to a new window with advanced options, most of them adjustable for various periods of time;
  3. To adjust those time frames, use the plus and minus buttons.


The Priority Mode essentials

The main purpose of the Priority Mode is to determine which events triggered on the OnePlus 5 can be accompanied by any kind of noise or audio notifications and which can’t. Just because you turn this mode on, it doesn’t mean that you will block the device from receiving any of those notifications. It’s just a matter of what you hear!

For instance, you can set it up not to hear any voice call or not to hear the calls from particular callers or to hear only particular calls – you’ve got the point. And the same goes for many other apps or notifications you get in there.

Once you’ve followed the steps from above and configured the mode settings, you can leave the menus. To make sure that the Priority mode was activated suffices to look at the top of the screen and see if there’s a star icon displayed in there. That’s the clue that the mode is active and whatever filters you have set – or the default filters, in case you haven’t set any – are already active.

To control individual apps from the Priority Mode settings, you’ll have to access the Sound and Notification screen and select the App notifications. In there, select the toggles of the desired apps to switch them to Priority.


The Priority Mode adjustments

In case you want to change some settings that you’ve already made, while the Priority Mode is turned on, select the cog icon from the top of the screen. Once you’re back to the editing menu, you can start changing details regarding the events and the reminders, the calls and the messages you want to receive. You’ll see, you can select different people who can send you messages or call you, through the Priority Mode wall of silence.

Return, if you want, to the date and time settings of the Priority Mode, letting your OnePlus 5 to know when to switch on and off the Priority Mode without your manual intervention.


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