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How To Remove One Plus 5 Duplicate Contacts

When you’re switching phones, just like when you’re factory resetting your smartphone, it’s important you don’t lose anything. The contact phone numbers, for instance, are on top of your list. You want to transfer your One Plus 5 agenda without any kind of inconveniences. By inconveniences, we don’t just mean losing data but also doubling your entries. Looking at an agenda filled with duplicate contacts can be just as annoying as searching for missing entries.

If you’ve recently bought a One Plus 5 device and inserted the SIM card from your old phone, this is a common issue. So, do not panic and do not expect to have to pay for fancy apps just to clean up the list of contacts. Instead, read this guide and you’ll learn how to identify, merge, and then delete whatever duplicate information you have on your agenda.


The cause of the problem

We have already mentioned the context when the One Plus 5 agenda gets new, duplicate entries. The cause, however, is the number of email accounts that you have associated with your smartphone. When you’re using more than one account, all the contacts from those accounts will be saved on the phone. The common contacts will be listed as many times as necessary (depending on your number of accounts). That’s how you see that the same person has the same details listed within both the work email section and the personal email section.


How to remove the One Plus 5 duplicate contacts

As mentioned, you can fix this without many complications and, most importantly, without having to pay for it. Our suggestion is to control the contact details right from the Gmail account. From that interface, it should all be more intuitive. Alternatively, try the following things:

  1. Access the Contacts app of your One Plus 5;
  2. Start browsing through the contacts;
  3. Identify the contacts that you would like to merge or link;
  4. Select the first entry from the series of duplicates;
  5. Identify the “Connected via” label next to it;
  6. Tap on that link icon from the right;
  7. Tap on Link Another Contact;
  8. Select the next entry from the same series of duplicate contacts to merge the two of them.


Obviously, you will have to repeat these steps with all the duplicates, one by one. A faster alternative would imply using the Contacts App and selecting Link Contacts from the three-dot menu in the upper right corner. A context menu will launch, where you can select how to link and sort your duplicate contacts, using attributes such as the name, the phone number or the email address.

The One Plus 5 agenda will scan and find the contacts that share the selected attribute and link them all at once. Select Done when you receive the suggestion to apply the changes and that was all.

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