One Plus 5: How To Turn ON And OFF With Broken Power Button

The power button of the One Plus 5 may not be used too often but it is still a very important key. When it stops working, for whatever reasons, your first thought will be that you will no longer be able to use the smartphone. How can you turn if Off if you really need to do so? And even more concerning, how will you turn it back On?

For these questions, we have two simple methods to present you. Read our step-by-step instructions and it should be better – in any case, no need to sell the phone yet.


Method #1 – Simulate the Download Mode boot to turn ON the One Plus 5

  1. Make sure that the device is turned Off;
  2. Use the Volume button – press and hold it for a couple of seconds;
  3. With the Volume button on hold, use a USB cable;
  4. Connect the One Plus 5 device to the PC via the USB cable, while still holding the Volume key;
  5. Wait until the phone boots into the Download Mode;
  6. And press down the Volume key to cancel the boot;
  7. Once the Download Mode boot was canceled, the smartphone will automatically reboot;
  8. When it finishes, it turns On by itself and you can start using the phone without having to deal with the broken power button.


Method #2 – Use the Button Savior application to turn Off the One Plus 5

  1. With the smartphone turned On, go to the Home screen panel;
  2. Find the Applications icon and tap on it;
  3. Browse until you find and select the Play Store icon;
  4. From the Play Store app, use the search box to type in the name of the Button Savior app;
  5. Download the app and install it on the device (you can do the same from the web if the Play Store instructions don’t work for you);
  6. Enable the Debugging Mode;
  7. Launch the Button Savior;
  8. Select the option labeled as “Kill/Start Button Savior Service”;
  9. You’ll see a new screen popping up and a very small arrow displayed on the right of the screen;
  10. Select it and convert it into different icons;
  11. From the new list of icons that just appeared, use the Power button – listed somewhere at the bottom of the list;
  12. Tap the Power Off option;
  13. The phone will automatically turn off.


You see, with these two simple methods you can now turn the One Plus 5 On or Off, however you need, without having to use the power button.




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