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Widgets Gone After Update On One Plus 5

Updates are supposed to bring positive changes to your One Plus 5 smartphone. Sometimes, however, weird things happen, like widgets that simply vanish. We’ve been getting messages from our readers that, following such system updates, apps like Twitter, Facebook and other apps taken from the Play Store just disappeared.

Other apps, whether it’s the Weather, the News, or the Music player remained. In today’s article, we will show you two different methods that you can try implementing in order to fix this strange situation.


Method #1 – a solution for the apps saved on the One Plus 5 SD card

If you have some apps or widgets saved right on the SD card, you should know that the Android settings will block them by default. This doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. As long as you move those apps from the card to the phone’s internal memory, the problem will be easily solved:

  1. Start from Settings;
  2. Select Apps;
  3. Go to the Application Manager;
  4. Find the app that no longer appears on the phone after the update;
  5. Select it;
  6. Access the Storage option;
  7. Use the Change option;
  8. Switch it from SD Card to Internal Storage.


From third-party apps to widgets for Android, use these instructions and the missing apps will show up once again on your One Plus 5.


Method #2 – a solution for the One Plus 5 Home Screen problems

Aside from the aspect mentioned above – apps that were actually stored on the phone’s SD card, there is also the possibility that you’re dealing with some Home Screen problems. In fact, it could be anything related to the data and info of the Home Screen. The solution would be to reset it and get a fresh, flawless start. And here’s how to put this into practice:

  1. Go back to Settings;
  2. Access the Apps section;
  3. Under the Manage Applications menu, look for the MORE option at the upper-right corner;
  4. Select Show System;
  5. Select any of the options labeled as TouchWiz or Launcher (or anything else that suggests the Home Screen – the option will vary depending on your phone);
  6. Select Storage;
  7. Select the Clear Data option.


This last step should restore the One Plus 5 Home Screen and bring it back to the default settings. All the apps and the widgets will be visible, including the ones that disappeared after the system update.

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