5 Data Trends Companies Should Use For 2018 Digital Marketing Strategies

If you are someone who builds brands and want to nail your 2018 marketing strategy, it is vital you understand the way data moves. Things are changing rapidly in the data analysis industry. Business owners who observe these changes are best equipped to use their enhanced knowledge to their own advantage. To make sure your marketing idea is successful, go through the five data trends you should add to your marketing plan in the year 2018.


Real-Time information

Real-time data is very important if you want to have a successful marketing campaign. The CEO of today’s corporations want to modify marketing in real-time to take advantage of current happenings. From their social media marketing to their content marketing, the quicker they can amend their customer procurement efforts, the sooner they can escalate their ROI (return-on-investment). If you are a business owner who wishes to be the first to find real-time data analytics tools, pay good attention to startup inaugurations within this industry.


AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The marriage of data analysis and artificial intelligence will be one of 2018’s biggest data trends. Corporations are incorporating AI technology into countless data inquiry platforms. As a lot of business owners ask for top-notch tools to make the most of their marketing return on investment, AI-empowered analytics are going to become a must-use instrument for business owners who want to grow their business.

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Prognostic analytics

With the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence, prognostic analytics is going to increase in admiration in the year 2018. Companies will be able to utilize predictive analytics apparatus to understand the outlines in their data and ensure to make professional business decisions founded on the pattern analysis. You can expect to see a significant increase in the number of businesses using predictive analytics to ensure the growth of their business in the year 2018.


Data visualization

Data analytics visualization is going to be a hot topic in the year 2018. Business owners wish to know the fine specifics of their business data without requiring a university degree to comprehend their business data. Startup corporations offering services such as data visualizations will provide marketers and business owners the ability to know the details of their information better.



As 2018 develops, expect to see a rise in the accessibility of distributed/blockchain analytics choices. Clients are progressively looking for transparency from their trusted brands; this push for transparency is going to extend to data examination.

Understanding the hottest data trends is crucial if you want to grow your business. The more conscious you are of the changes in the data analysis industry, the better equipped you are going to be, and be capable of optimizing your company for fast-tracked growth. Be on the lookout for activities in data analysis in the year 2018; it is going to be a very busy year!


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