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5 Ways To Fix Slow Charging On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

The more entertaining and powerful apps we have on our smartphones, the faster the battery will drain out. While we got used to having to charge our phones every day, we don’t want to have to wait longer than we should for getting it back at full capacity. That’s why slow charging is one of the most annoying problems you could experience with a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus, right?

Since we recently got quite a few reports on this problem, we decided to look into and compile a useful article with the different ways to solve this frustrating issue.

Here are some steps you will have to check, in this particular order:


1.Rule out the faulty charging cable

Maybe it’s the USB cable not working properly. Test with another cable and if the smartphone charges normally, buy a new Samsung Charging Cable. You should find these pretty much anywhere on the web.

Sometimes the quickest and cheapest fix can be just purchasing a new charger, these chargers on Amazon is what we suggest. It’s one of the most reliable chargers that you can get in the market. Most of the time a new charger will fix a slow charge on your smartphone.

Another recommendation is to purchase a super charging brick, there’s a few companies that make this. But the best super charging brick that will at least double the charging speed is this one from Belkin.


2.Make sure you dont have apps running in the background

If you’re trying to charge the smartphone, on one hand, and you’re running battery consuming apps, on the other hand, there’s no wonder you’re dealing with a Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus slow charging problem.

  1. To check if this is the case, press and hold the Home button for the Recently Used Apps screen to launch;
  2. Go to the Task Manager section;
  3. Select the option End all applications;
  4. Also, select the RAM option from the upper side of the screen;
  5. Wait for the memory to clear.


By following these steps, you’ve just closed all the apps that were running hidden in the background. Now monitor your smartphone and see if you notice any improvements regarding the charging speed.


3.Perform a master reset

This option shouldn’t necessarily make you lose data, but it’s been reported to do so. We strongly recommend you to first create a backup of everything you have on your device. If something accidentally deletes during the reset, you should be able to restore it.

  1. With the backup in place, go to the Settings menu;
  2. Click on Accounts;
  3. Access the Back Up and Reset option;
  4. Unlock the screen, if necessary, and tap on Reset device;
  5. Select Delete all.


Again, this may or may not work. If you’re not lucky, you’re going to have a close look at the apps installed on your device.


  1. Do a cleanup on your third-party apps

At this point, you might as well suspect a software bug. Since you cannot tell exactly which software is to blame, the safest option would imply to uninstall all your third-party apps and see what happens next.

Before you rush into fixing the Galaxy S8 slow charging problem, keep in mind that this one requires entering the Safe Mode.


For this purpose, you will have to:

  1. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus device;
  2. Press and hold the Power key until you see the name Samsung Galaxy S8 displayed on the screen;
  3. Release the power button;
  4. Press and hold the Volume Down key for the device to restart;
  5. Only release the key when you see at the bottom of the display the message Safe Mode;
  6. You will be able to access your phone’s menus and go to the Application Manager;
  7. In there, under the Downloaded tab, you should see the list with the installed apps;
  8. Select the desired third-party apps one by one and select the Uninstall option;
  9. Confirm with OK and continue until you get rid of all of them;
  10. When you’re done, press and hold the Power key;
  11. Restart the device;
  12. And it will turn on in the normal running mode.


Good luck with monitoring any changes. If no improvement is noticed, carry on.


  1. Complete a system mode dump 

This final option actually debugs the panel. In consequence, it should boost particular functions, such as the network speed and the charging speed.


The steps are surprisingly simple:

  1. Access the Dialer window on your phone;
  2. Type the following code (*#9900#);
  3. Select the Low Battery Dump from the bottom of the page;
  4. Click on Turn On.


And hopefully, your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus will charge faster from now on! The system dump should really fix it but do share your experience with us in the comments below.


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