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9 Steps To Organizing iPhone Or iPad iOS 10.3 Icons Like A Pro

It’s all about the apps, widgets, and icons that have invaded your Home screen. It’s tempting to run all kinds of apps and play around with your options when using an iPhone or an iPad running on iOS 10.3. At the same time, things can easily get a bit hectic, if you’re not the tidiest user out there.

If you’re determined to change all that, there are nine simple steps that we’d like to show you. By following these precise instructions, you will be able to add new widgets to the Home screen, adjust the already existing widgets, and move around or rearrange everything on your iPhone or iPad running on iOS 10.3:

  1. Turn on the device;
  2. Go to the Home screen;
  3. Press and hold the Wallpaper;
  4. Tap on Widgets, in the newly opened Edit screen;
  5. Select a widget that you want to add;
  6. Repeat the steps until you finish adding widgets to your Home screen;
  7. When you’re done, go back to the Home screen and select a widget you want to move around;
  8. Press and hold that widget;
  9. Drag it and release it at its new location.


On the Home screen or even on the App Drawer, with these simple steps, you can always personalize the appearance of your iPhone or iPad iOS 10.3. You can make everything look tidier and airy, you can remove unnecessary widgets and bring closer the apps that you use most often.

We advise you to take things gradually, however, so you won’t end up with too many apps, icons and widgets on the screen to have enough room for making the necessary rearrangements.

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