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Best Tips For Tracking And Finding A Lost Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

Having to track and find your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus is a terrible moment. It means you either lost it or it was stolen from you. Either way, it is no longer in your possession and you need to find it as soon as possible.

Luckily, you actually have more than one option for doing so. Google took care of it, just like Apple, its main competitor, did with the popular “Find My iPhone” function. On the same premises, they developed similar software that they called Android Device Manager. You might hear some people calling it Find My Android, so you will know that they’re one and the same.

Now we prepped for you a couple of different contexts with different strategies: a tracker app, the Android Device Manager, some other third-party software and so on.

You’re probably thinking that if you didn’t take care of it before you lost your device, there’s nothing you can do. But if you can’t get your device back, you should at least be able to access it remotely and delete sensitive information to minimize the loss.

If you do get it back, you will make sure to equip it with all the right apps, so you’ll never have to go through this major inconvenient again.

Here’s what you can try:


The apps and tools you can rely on

Prevention is the best defense so whether you own a Galaxy S8 or an S8+ Plus, tools like Lookout, Android Device Manager, or apps like AirDroid will prove handy when you expect less.

With the first two, chances are you will be able to track and find the stolen smartphone. With the third one, you might only access the phone remotely. Nevertheless, this could empower you to reach specific information you needed back, or even to remotely control the SMS text messaging or the camera.


How to find your Galaxy S8 with the Android Device Manager 

Since Google created this tool particularly for such situations, it seems obvious that it would make one of your best options. The good news is that many devices actually have this feature enabled by default. Of course, you should check your smartphone whenever you have the chance, just to make sure you’re ok.

For this purpose, go to the Settings menu, identify the Security and Screen Lock tab and from there, go to the Device Administrators. Depending on what smartphone you have, wording might be slightly different, but you will be able to spot the option “Android Device Manager”. Make sure that its box is checked and you’re good to go.


What you should know about finding your lost Android Device with Lookout

Maybe your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus didn’t have the Android Device Manager activated. Or, for whatever reasons, you just cannot access it. On any of these circumstances, the Lookout can be just the right alternative. If you’ve ever used the Android Manger Device, you won’t help but notice how similar these two are. The notable difference, however, is that Lookout provides some rather general security features.


What else you have to consider 

When you can’t find your phone, before you conclude it was stolen, think that maybe you’ve lost it yourself, in the nearby. That’s one great reason to always keep your smartphone with the loud ring mode on. If it’s close to you, you should be able to hear it.
Otherwise, it’s either the Lookout or the Android Device Manager. We recommend you to insist on the last one, especially since you can use it from another smartphone to track your lost smartphone. An important aspect you must know is that for Google to find your device, it has to be connected to a WiFi network, so it can track the GPS location.

If all the right criteria are met, you could be able to download the App from the Google Play Store on the device you’re planning to use to track down your phone. From its settings, you will only have to push one button, the GPS locate button. Then, you wait and hope you’ll get a positive result.

Needless to say, Google always advises its users to never try on their own to find a lost device. But if your fingers are itching before the police will come into play, we can totally understand you.


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