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Can I Still Connect My Samsung Galaxy S8 To Kies?

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone and you are asking about Kies, you are probably a Samsung fan. You’ve had other smartphones from it in the past. And you were pleased how easy it was to transfer data and sync your phone with your PC. Chance are that last time you did this was with a Kies 3 software.

To answer your question, no, you cannot connect a Samsung Galaxy S8 to Kies. That’s because the manufacturer decided to replace it with a newer and more effective app. So, now you have the Smart Switch instead of the traditional Kies you were familiarized with. It doesn’t mean it will be harder to use it, though breakups are tough, we get it.

In today’s article, we’re going to explain to you how to use the Smart Switch and get the same results as you did with Kies 3. From installing it on your PC to setting up the actual connection, there’s really not much we have to say. That’s how simple the Smart Switch is and works.

Before you install it, you’d have to download it. It’s only a 37MB file, available in two different versions, depending on what operating system you’re using – Windows or Mac. Follow these links to download:


Once the file on your computer, open it and let the wizard automatically handle the installation.

Now, take out a USB cable and connect your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus to the PC. If the Smart Switch was installed and it is perfectly functional, it should automatically detect this connection.

A new window will show up on the screen and you get to visualize your options. Feel free to use whatever you have at hand in there. Smart Switch can help you transfer all kinds of files: music, videos, messages, notes, contacts, calendars, photos and many more. Explore your options.


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