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Can’t Get Email Error On iPhone And iPad In iOS 10.3 (Solution)

Email is something we check more than once a day, usually from our smartphones because those are at hand most of the time. When using an iPhone or an iPad in iOS 10.3 to read emails, however, at some point, you might encounter a “Cannot Get Mail” error telling you that “The connection to the server failed.”.

Numerous users already reported this problem. Apparently, when the device is trying to retrieve new emails, usually from the Microsoft Exchange, this message pops up. In this article, we are going to present you several different methods for approaching the “Cannot Get Mail, The connection to the server failed” error. The steps from below are specifically for your iPhone or iPad in iOS 10.3, so read on and find the solution that will work for you.


Tweak the account password

Have you changed the email password on your desktop PC recently? If you did, this might be the cause why you cannot get incoming emails on the iPhone or iPad. That’s why you should reenter the account password on your device, by following this path:

  1. Settings;
  2. Mail, Contacts, Calendar;
  3. Account;
  4. Password;
  5. Enter the new password;
  6. Follow the prompt of signing in to make this change.


Once you have signed in from the iPhone or iPad in iOS 10.3, the email app should update your password, refresh the database and start delivering your email messages.

If you couldn’t get to the part where you were asked to sign in to change the password, repeat the steps for up to three times or even more, until you get the prompt.


Change the security settings

By security settings, we mean the ones of the Microsoft Exchange:

  1. Launch the Active Directory Users and computer;
  2. Go at the top of the menu and tap on View;
  3. Enter the Advanced Features;
  4. Browse for the mail account and right click on it;
  5. Select Properties;
  6. Tap on Security tab;
  7. Tap on Advanced;
  8. Find the option labeled as “Include inheritable permissions from this object’s parent”;
  9. Check its box and leave the settings.


Move mail to new inboxes

The alternative to the entire above would be to create a temporary folder on the server. Use that temporary folder or any other folder to move all the emails currently in your inbox to it. Send yourself a test message from another device, with another email address, and see if when you get new messages they will show up in this temporary folder or they will not show up at all.


Set new passwords

If all you initially did was to retype your sign in credentials, this time you will have to change them. Whether it’s Microsoft Exchange or Yahoo that you’re using, follow the steps for changing the password. Test and see if you still cannot receive emails.


Other solutions

Not being able to receive emails on your iPad or iPhone in iOS 10.3 is quite frustrating. When nothing works and you don’t know what else to do, give these methods a try as well:


  • Deactivate the Cloud and then reset the passwords from all your email accounts.
  • Play with the Airplane mode a little bit – activate it and then deactivate it from the device’s settings.
  • Delete your current account and create it back as a new account.
  • Reset the settings of your network by going to Settings, General, and tapping on Reset Network Settings under the general Reset menu.
  • Adjust the current Mail Days to Sync setting by selecting the No Limit option.


That’s how to solve the “Cannot Get Mail The connection to the server failed” error on your iPhone or iPad in iOS 10.3. Let us know which of the methods from above worked for you!

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