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Can’t Open The Google Play Store On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus (Solution)

As you probably know, Google Play Store on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus is the place from where you can download a ton of third-party apps, all compatible with or specifically designed for your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphone. Not being able to access it is not just frustrating, but quite a serious problem. It means that your options for downloading reliable apps and enhance your user experience will be seriously limited.

Still, there are users out there who cannot have access to it. Whenever they try to launch the Google Play Store, they get a message saying “Google Play services has stopped” on Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus. It might seem like a dead end situation, but it’s not.

The most likely causes for this error are a cache glitch or a recent faulty update. Since this is an app like all the others from your smartphone, you can access its settings to clear all the data, the cache, and the updates.

By now, you must already imagine where you’d have to head from here – to the Google Play Store’s settings under the Application Manager. Let us sum up the steps:

  1. Launch the App menu;
  2. Tap on Settings;
  3. Go to Application Manager;
  4. Switch to the All tab;
  5. Browse until you find the Google Play Store;
  6. Tap on it and select the following options:
    • Stop force;
    • Clear cache;
    • Clear data;
    • Uninstall updates.


All these considered, you’ve done pretty much everything that depended on you. The only necessary step left is to reset the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus. Tap on the Power button and hold it until you get your options on the screen. Select Reset and wait for the device to restart.

Once everything is back in place, launch the Google Play Store again. This time, you shouldn’t get the “Google Play services has stopped” error and everything will work just fine. If not, retake these steps and, eventually, the error will go away.


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