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Clear Cache On LG G6

The Android software is the not best but it can fixed using simple steps. You can either do a cache wipe or complete a factory reset to fix your LG G6 software problems or bugs. The reason why you would perform a clear cache on the LG G6 is because your device is freezing, having delays, glitching, or being slow. You can read the guide below on how you can clear the cache on the LG G6.


What is cache and what is its’ purpose?

There are several version of cache on your LG G6. The initial one is called the app cache and the system cache. The apps on your LG G6 each have their own specific cache, which is on the app. This lets the apps hold data temporarily so it easier to navigate from one app to another. The system cache is very similar for the LG G6. However, it focuses more the software of the Android rather than the app’s cache. It is recommended to clear the cache of the system when you are having difficulty with apps freezing or crashing so that it can fix the problems overall.


Clearing an apps’ cache on your LG G6

It is recommended to just clear cache of the specific app if you are having problems with that specific app. You can learn how to do this by looking at the steps below:

  1. Make sure the LG G6 is turned on.
  2. Navigate to the Settings and then go to App Manager.
  3. Choose whatever app you wish to clear the cache of.
  4. Try to find the info screen for the app once you have chosen the app.
  5. Choose the Clear Cache option
  6. Navigate to the Settings screen and then the Storage option so that you can clear app cache.
  7. Clear all the app caches at the same time by choosing the Cached Data.


You will lose all-important information if you choose to Clear Data such as passwords, preferences, app stores, settings, and game progress.


What if clearing an apps’ cache does not work?

It is recommend to do a reboot the your device after you have uninstalled the app if the LG G6 does not get fixed after the individual apps cache are cleared. Do not to forget to back up all your important information such as your contacts, apps, pictures, or videos before you reset your LG G6 because once you do a reset, all of your information will be erased. It is recommended to a cache wipe of the system if rebooting your LG G6 does not work. This process is also called clear cache partition on your LG G6.

Take a look at how you can perform a factory reset the LG G6 if your problems are not solved.


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