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Cut, Copy, Paste On iPhone And iPad In iOS 10.3

Cut, copy and paste are three of the most common commands for PCs. While also available on smartphones, not all users know how to activate them. That’s because the functions aren’t as visible, especially on Apple iPhone and iPad devices.

Have you recently upgraded your device to iOS 10.3? In this article, you’re going to get specific instructions on how to cut or copy and then paste all kinds of information. Once you get to know your options better, you’ll actually appreciate these features as simple, effective, and accessible.

Their functioning principle is surprisingly similar to the one from MAC and Windows PCs. You should be able to highlight and remove words or groups of words, to copy sequences from a text and move them to an email or the other way around, and much more.


How to handle texts on iPhone and iPad in iOS 10.3

Say you have been reading a text and you found something very interesting that you want to put aside. Follow these steps and you’re sure to succeed from the first try:

  1. Tap and hold down anywhere on the text that you are trying to select or to highlight;
  2. You will see the symbol of a magnifying glass appearing on the display, a symbol that will allow you to select the text with maximum precision;
  3. Place the cursor right where you want the selection to start and lift up the finger;
  4. Right after that, a list with a couple of options will appear on the screen;
    • If you tap the Select option, you’ll notice how the closest word to the cursor will be automatically highlighted;
    • If you tap the Select All option, you’ll notice how the entire text that you typed out will be automatically highlighted;
  5. After choosing your desired option, you should see two blue dots on the screen – these dots mark where the selection begins and where it ends;
  6. Tap and hold one of the dots, dragging your finger around the display to highlight the text;
  7. Again, you will notice a new series of options displayed on the screen – Cut, Copy, Paste, and some other options;
  8. Tap on the one you are planning to use – the command will automatically apply for the currently selected text;
  9. Move to the window where you want to paste the selected text and tap on an empty space;
  10. The Paste option will pop up on the screen – tap on it and you should see the text that you previously selected showing up in this new window.


That’s all you need to know about how to cut, copy, or paste texts on Apple iPhone and iPad in iOS 10.3. It looks like a lot of steps to follow, but everything is super-intuitive and simple. Take these steps once and you will know how to do it all by yourself from now on.

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