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Fix Galaxy Not Registered On Network And Repair Null IMEI Number

For those that own a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, a common problem is seeing a message saying Not registered on network after an IMEI number has been changed on your Galaxy smartphone. Another case is when the IMEI number is null and this message shows up. If you see the “Not registered on network” message show up, don’t worry, below we’ll explain how to fix this problem on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

The follow is a guide on how to repair a null IMEI number and remove the message saying “Not registered on Network”. It’s also suggested that you use a free IMEI checker, this will allow you to see if there’s is so serious IMEI damage to your Galaxy smartphone.

Here is a great guide on how to terminate null IMEI # on your Galaxy smartphone and will also repair the unknown baseband


How to Restore Galaxy Null IMEI # and Fix Not Registered on Network:

  1. Turn your phone
  2. Open the “Dialer” and enter (*#06#), this will show the  IMEI number. If a message shows up saying “IMEi Null”, then the settings need to be reconfigured
  3. Now enter  (*#197328640#) or (*#*#197328640#*#*) on the dial key
  4. Your phone will get into Command mode, and select  “Common”
  5. Choose “Option 1” (Field Test Mode), if FTM is on, turn it “OFF”
  6. Choose Key input and enter option 2
  7.  FTM will now turn “OFF”
  8. Take out the battery and SIM card for a few minutes
  9. Put the battery back
  10. Enter (*#197328640#) in the dial pad
  11. Choose Debug Screen
  12. Choose phone control
  13. Select on nas control
  14. Select RRC (HSDPA)
  15. To fix not registered on network or Null IMEI # , click RRC revision
  16. Now select option 5 (HSDPA only)
  17. Turn off your phone and reinsert the SIM card


Once you follow the steps above, you’ll be able to fix the Samsung Galaxy not registered on network and repair null IMEI number problem.


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