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Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus – How To Adjust Language Settings

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus are available in pretty much any corner of the world. Depending on where you bought your smartphone from and, obviously, on your language preferences, you might want to adjust this particular setting. So, whether it’s Spanish, German, Korean or some rather exotic language, it is totally your option.


Before we show you how to do it step by step, you will need to be aware of two things:

  1. Adjusting your Galaxy S8 language will transfer to the entire interface of the device, affecting anything from menus and built-in apps to third-party apps;
  1. One thing that this setting won’t automatically change will be your keyboard language.


Notice that the keyword on the second observation is “automatically”. Whereas changing language preferences won’t automatically work on your keyboard, you can still have the keyboard in your desired language. All you need is to follow some extra steps.

The cool part about adjusting keyboard language on Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus devices is that you can run multiple keyboards at the same time. It will only take one or several swipes to alternate between your selected languages. But we’ll get there soon enough.


How to change language settings on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus

  1. From the Home screen, access the Settings icon;
  2. Look for the My Device option – it should be available on top of the screen in the newly opened menu;
  3. From there, go to Language and Input under Input and Control – you might have to scroll quite a bit among options to get there;
  4. In the newly opened menu window, select Language – this one should actually be right at the top of the screen;
  5. From the list of languages, select the one you are planning to use on your device.


After that, it will automatically take you back to the Language windows. The newly selected language will display as ON in there, where right before it was the English language listed.


How to change keyboard language settings on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus

As suggested, this one refers to adding a new language, not just removing the current one:

  1. Go back to the Home screen and tap on the Settings icon;
  2. This time, go to the System section and tap on the Language and Input listed underneath it;
  3. Tap on the gear icon next to the Keyboard and select the language you want to add;
  4. Select the Checkmark box of your chosen language;
  5. Uncheck all the other languages if you won’t want to interfere with them anymore;
  6. If you decided to let other keyboard languages activated, you can select them if you swipe sideways on your space bar.


What to do when you cant find language on Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus

Looks like that was all, but that was only the easy part. What if you weren’t lucky enough to find the language you were looking for? If a particular language wasn’t listed, it doesn’t mean it’s not available, but you’ll have to Root your phone in order to access it. Here’s what it implies:

  1. Root your Galaxy S8 or S8+ Plus device;
  2. Download and then install the MoreLocale 2;
  3. Run the newly installed MoreLocale 2 and near the top of the app, tap on custom locale;
  4. Tap on both ISO 639 and then ISO 3166 buttons;
  5. Pick your country;
  6. Select the language from the list;
  7. Tap on Set for changes to take place.


Now you can say that you’re ready to change language settings on Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus no matter what language you’re after.


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