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Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus Set Up – A Guide To First Time Users

You’ve bought yourself Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone, a Galaxy S8+ Plus or a Galaxy S8. Soon enough, as the upcoming models will be officially introduced, it will no longer be the latest. But until then, here’s what you need to know when tackling your phone. Perhaps you’re new to Android or maybe you haven’t had a new device in a long time and you’re not really sure what the initial setup will imply.

The first time you run your new device, it will ask you to set it up. From configuring your Internet connection and signing into all your accounts to personalizing the screen lock, there are quite a few aspects you should settle for.


And there are actually two ways you could make your Galaxy S8 as new, on this occasion:

  1. Transfer content from another phone
  2. Transfer content from an online backup


Content from another phone

This transfer method works even if you didn’t have an Android before, but rather a different phone. At the right time, you will see an option “Get content from old phone”. You select it and continue with the indicated steps.


Content from a web archive

This transfer method applies for when you created a phone backup and you stored it online. The option you will have to select is “Restore from the Galaxy Backup”. Again, proceed with the indicated steps.


4 essential tips to help you set up Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus

Planning ahead, as well as taking advantage of all those cool features of Samsung will make your work easier anytime in the future. We, therefore, recommend you to:

  • Try to initiate a backup from a Samsung smartphone to another – that’s the simplest, easiest and most convenient way to transfer information;
  • Make sure your backup is updated constantly, even on a daily basis – there’s a “Back up phone daily” feature you should select and it will handle things automatically;
  • Enable the TalkBack voice navigation for a smoother process – before you select the device’s language, press and hold with your two fingers on the display. When you hear a message telling that the Accessibility mode was enabled, you’re good to go;
  • Avoid unexpected or extra data fees by disabling from Settings all those features that require Internet connection. You first configure your phone and later, when you can connect to a wireless network, you can activate any auto-sync of online accounts or location-based services.


The entire above is meant to introduce you to a few options. Hope it proved useful and we’d like to hear from you – do you have any shortcuts for configuring or backing up a Galaxy S8? Any interesting experience that you had and you’d like to share with us?

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