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Galaxy S8+ Plus Authentication Error – A How-To-Fix Guide In 3 Steps

Much of a smartphone’s power comes from its Internet connection. As long as you have internet access, you just can’t get bored. At least until you get the nasty authentication error… If you hate it when it happens, just like we do, you will want to learn more on the Galaxy S8+ Plus authentication error and the simple strategy that should solve it.

If you get the “Wi-Fi authentication error” message it means you won’t be able to connect your Galaxy S8 to the Wi-Fi network that you were trying to access. The reasons may vary, from a faulty identification to an interference with the Bluetooth or an IP address conflict. Nevertheless, for every single one of these problems we have one checkup step you have to try.

Try the suggestions from below and chances are you’ll get your Wi-Fi connection back sooner than you expected:


Step 1 Restart the device

It might sound like a naïve attempt, but restarting the device and retyping the connectivity credentials could solve your problem easily. If the cause was a simple incorrect identification of the username and password, the conflicts occurred on this occasion will go away after the restart.


Step 2 Disable the Bluetooth

When WAP is enabled, turn off your Bluetooth connection and see if you can tap into the Wi-Fi network. On this occasion, you will probably fix the frequency changes for both the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth that might be interacting with each other.


Step 3 Restart the router

You’ve tried tweaking the device without success? Maybe it’s the router you should blame. Don’t just throw it out on the window, start with a simple restart of the router or the modem you’re using. Especially if there are several devices connected to the same wireless network, chances are that their IPs might get into conflict, interfering with each other. The restart will most likely solve this issue.

When the device reboots, the Galaxy S8+ Plus Authentication error should be long gone.


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