Google Pixel And Pixel XL: Can You Hide Photos?

If you’ve recently bought a new Google Pixel smartphone or its upgraded version the Pixel XL, you may have heard about Private Mode. Private mode allows you to hide photos that you don’t want other users of the device to see. It’s a handy feature on the phone that is built in. So you can be activated it without having to go through the long bother of downloading any third-party applications. There are a number of ways you can put Private Mode to good use, and it is available on both the Google Pixel or Pixel XL versions of the phone. It can be used to hide photos, videos and a variety of saved media.

To turn Private Mode on, you will need to first create a password, pin or unlock pattern. This is then used every time you want to enter this mode. Below is a step by step guide that you can follow to get Private Mode setup and ready to go.


Adding and removing files from Private Mode

These steps will guide you in adding supported video and image files to Private Mode:

  1. Firstly turn Private Mode On.
  2. Go to the media file that you want hidden and select the option to make it viewable only in Private Mode.
  3. When you select the file you want to hide, there an overflow menu button will appear in the upper right of the screen.
  4. On this menu you can select Move to Private.


Enabling Private Mode

  1. Swipe down on the main screen from the top to bring down a list of options.
  2. From this list select Private Mode.
  3. If you have never entered private mode before, on the first activating the feature, a short introduction and tutorial will be presented and you are asked to enter a specific pin code. (This pin code will be your safety net, and is needed every time you wish to enter Private Mode on the device).


Disabling Private Mode

  1. While Private Mode is active, swipe down again on the main screen to bring up the list of options.
  2. From this list select Private Mode.
  3. Once you select Private Mode, your Pixel or Pixel XL should revert back to its default mode.


The instructions above are intended to help you setup and familiarize yourself with private mode. It is also possible to add certain files to a specific folder or even a private album that can only be viewed when Private Mode is activated.

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