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Google Pixel And Pixel XL: How To Change Display Clock On Lock Screen

If you have just bought the new Google Pixel or the Pixel XL, you might not yet know how to make changes to the display clock that appears on the lock screen. There are several ways to change this clock. As well as the time, you can also change the settings for the wallpaper while the phone is on lock.


Follow these steps to make the changes:

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Find and select Lock screen.
  3. A range of different featus will appear.
  4. Dual Clock allows you to see both local and home times while travelling.
  5. Click size allows you to adjust the dimensions of the clock.
  6. You can select to see the Date if you wish.
  7. Camera shortcut provides an icon on the lock screen that will enable you to quickly load the camera function on the phone.
  8. Owner information allows various app features to show up on the lock screen.
  9. Unlock effect edits the styling of the unlock system. Watercolor is a pleasant one.
  10. Additional information lets you include weather and a pedometer to the locked screen.



Change The Lock Screen Wallpaper on Your Pixel or Pixel XL

Follow these steps to change the wallpaper for the lock screen:

  1. Start out at the home screen.
  2. Hold any empty area on the home screen.
  3. This will bring up edit mode.
  4. Go to wallpaper
  5. Then select Lock screen.

You can select from the default themes, or select “more images” to pick from the image files that you have captured using your Pixel or Pixel XL. Tap the set “wallpaper button” on the photo you want to use, to make it your lock screen wallpaper.


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