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Google Pixel And Pixel XL Slow Charging (Solved)

Many Google Pixel and Pixel XL owners have been complaining about the smartphones charge time issues. Users are saying it charges too slowly and can be disabled after being fully recharged. Many of these problems have been referenced in connection to the increasingly widespread “grey battery” issues.

Here we explain a few ways in which users can make improvements to the charge times on their Google Pixel or Pixel XL.


Check USB connection

The first thing you should do is confirm the connection between the Phone and your power supply is correct. Try a different cable and a different power supply. If this does not help the problem, try the following ideas.


Close background apps

You may be running apps that are sucking up battery life. Follow these steps to close all background apps:

  1. Hold down on the “Home” button until your Recently Used apps come up on the screen.
  2. There is a Task Manager option, here you should select “End all applications”.
  3. Near the very top of the screen there is a “RAM” button, tap it.
  4. Then lastly, tap clear memory.


This should close all the apps that are running needlessly. Try charging the phone to see if there is improvement. If it still charges too slowly, try this final step.


Uninstall Third Party Apps

You could have a software bug or an app that drains the battery continuously. You should try uninstalling all the third party apps you have, to see if it helps. Follow these steps to do this:

  1. Turn off your Pixel or Pixel XL fully.
  2. Press and hold the Power Key.
  3. Hold it until the “Google Pixel and Pixel XL” graphic shows.
  4. When it appears, release the Power Key, and hold the Volume down key. Keep it held down.
  5. The phone should restart in Safe Mode. You can release the key when it has opened.
  6. From here go to Menu.
  7. Go to Settings.
  8. Then go to More.
  9. Then Application Manager.
  10. Go to Downloaded.
  11. Here you can choose the apps to uninstall. Once you tap one, press OK.
  12. Come out of Safe Mode by pressing and holding the Power Key, then pressing restart, followed by OK.


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