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How To Add Widget On Locksceen In Google Pixel And Pixel XL

If you own a Google Pixel or the Pixel XL it is important for you to know how to add widgets to the lock screen of your device. It is convenient to make the Pixel or the Pixel XL more usable by adding widgets to the lock screen. The wallpaper of the lock screen can also be changed on your pixel and also on the Pixel XL. Here, we explain to you how you add widgets to the lock screen of your Pixel and the Pixel XL.



Changing The Lock Screen on your Pixel and the Pixel XL

If you want to add a widget, press and hold any empty space on the home screen of your device. An edit mode will come up. From the edit mode, you are able to change settings for the home screen, add widgets to the home screen as well as make changes to the wallpaper. Click on the Wallpaper and the choose Lock screen.

Google Pixel as well as Pixel XL has wallpapers for the Lock screen set by default. There is an option to choose different images by selecting on More images option. This will give you the freedom to choose wallpapers from any images you took on your Pixel or the Pixel XL.

Click on Set Wallpaper to make the image you have selected as the wallpaper for your lock screen.

By going to the settings menu section and browsing through to locate the “Lock screen”, you will be able to see a list which contains various features. You can add any of these features to your Pixel or Pixel XL lock screen.

  • A dual clock- this is a feature which lets you get a look at the current and home time zones especially when you are on a journey.
  • The clock size- you can enlarge or decrease the size of the clock using this feature to make it easier to see the time.
  • Show date feature- by enabling this feature, you will be able to see the date, day of the week and month of the year on your lock screen
  • The camera shortcut- this is a widget which allows you to quickly launch the camera app when you unlock the screen
  • Owner information- this provides the option to add relevant information concerning the phone owner such as your Twitter handle as well as other accounts you wish to add.
  • The unlock effect- this feature gives you the choice to entirely change not just the feel but also the look of unlock effect. It also makes changes to the animation. The most favored unlock effect is the water color
  • Additional info- you can use this feature to either add or remove the pedometer and weather to and from the lock screen


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