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How To Change Lock Screen On Google Pixel And Pixel XL

If you own the new Goggle Pixel or the Pixel XL, knowing how to change the lock screen can be of great help. You can change lock screen on your Pixel or the Pixel XL using a number of ways. It is also advisable to add several icons and widget to the lock screen so as to create a good impression. The reason for this is because the lock screen is the first thing someone comes across when they open your smartphone. The adding of widget and icons also helps to make your Pixel and the Pixel XL more usable. There is an option for replace the wallpaper of the lock screen with another one you find attractive.

You should be able to see a list of features when you browse for the lock screen from the settings. Some of the features included in the Google Pixel and the Pixel XL are:

  • Dual clock-the dual clock will show you the current time zone and the home time zones. It is of essence especially when you are travelling.
  • Clock size-the clock size allows you to make the clock larger or smaller for easy visibility.
  • Show date feature- You can choose to make the date visible on the lock enabling this feature
  • Camera shortcut- the shortcut to the camera is a good feature which permits users to immediately access the camera app when they unlock the lock screen.
  • Owner info-information about the owner can be easily added to this lock screen. This involves information such as Twitter handles.
  • Unlock effect-the unlock effect is great especially when you want to change the general appearance of the lock screen. The frequently used unlock effect is the watercolour.
  • Additional information- the lock screen can also hold additional info such as weather and pedometer features.


Changing the lockscreen wallpaper on your Pixel and Pixel XL

Changing the wallpaper on your Pixel or Pixel XL is similar to changing the wallpaper on a Pixel and Pixel S6.

The process entails pressing and holding down any empty space on your homescreen. The edit mode will come up and this can be used to add several items to the lock screen including widget, wallpaper changes and changes to the home screen settings.

Once the window shows up, choose on the Wallpaper and then click on Lock screen.

The Lock screen for the Pixel and the Pixel XL usually has some wallpapers preset for it by the manufacturer. Nevertheless, you can always add your own wallpapers for the lock screen. This is achieved by using the option for More Images option. This option lets you choose any images taken on your Pixel and the Pixel XL to set as the wallpaper. Once you have selected a specific image simply click on Set Wallpaper and you are done.


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