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How To Custom Ringtones For Each Contact On iPhone And iPad iOS 10.3

Together with the iOS 10.3 update, iPhone and iPad users got new designs and new useful features for their favorite devices. Keeping its high standards, Apple now sees its iPhone 7 as a serious competitor for the title of “best phone in 2016”. Part of that success comes from this last release.

From all the improvements and interesting features that iOS 10.3 has brought, today we will focus on the custom contact ringtones and the custom notification ringtones on iPhone and iPad. Both of them are giving you the opportunity to select MP3 songs or other audio files and set them as ringtones for particular contacts in your agenda or notifications that you often rely on.

If you’re attracted by the idea of using your own music and personalizing the ringtones on your Apple iPhone or iPad in iOS 10.3, this article is for you.


The exact steps to setting custom ringtones

Users had the possibility to set custom ringtones even with the previous operating system versions. What’s so special about the iOS 10.3 is that the new technology makes this process considerably easier than before. Thanks to it, you can now set particular ringtones for every single one of your contacts. Plus, you can personalize even the notification sounds of the text messages that you get.

Do you like the sound of all that? Here is how you can implement it on your iPad or iPhone if you’ve upgraded to iOS 10.3:

  1. Launch the iTunes and initiate a scan for the latest update version;
  2. Select the song you would like to use as ringtone while keeping in mind that you only get to use 30 seconds of that song;
  3. Mark the beginning and the end of the song sequence that you want to use;
    • You can do it with a right-click or the Ctrl-click combination on the song;
    • Then, when the drop-down list extends, you select the Get Info option;
  4. Create the AAC version of the song;
    • You can do it with, again, right-click or Ctrl-click on the song;
    • From the list of options, select the option labeled as Create AAC Version;
  5. Copy the AAC file;
  6. Delete the old version;
  7. Change the extension of the new file;
    • You can do it by selecting the name of the file;
    • Instead of the current .m4a extension you will have to type .m4r;
  8. Add the newly edited file to iTunes;
  9. Sync your iPhone or iPad with it;
  10. Select the newly created ringtone;
    • You can do it by going to the Settings App;
    • Tap on Sounds;
    • Select Ringtones;
    • Select the song.


All these steps were necessary for editing one contact on your Apple iPhone or iPad in iOS 10.3 contacts list. All the other contacts that you do not get to edit will remain with the default ringtone of the device. But you can go ahead and personalize every single one of them. The next time you’ll get a call, you will know who’s trying to reach you without having to take the phone out of the pocket or to look at the display.

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