How To Fix Galaxy S5 Won’t Rotate Problem And Gyro Not Working

For those that have the Galaxy S5 you may want to know how to fix screen won’t rotate and gyro not working sometimes. Don’t worry, there could be several reasons why this problem is happening and below we’ll explain how to fix this. One example of this problem is that the screen doesn’t rotate when using apps or surfing the Internet and the screen stays in vertical mode. Another example is that when the camera app is used on Galaxy S5, it shows everything upside down. 

There could be a few different reasons the gyro/accelerometer not working and screen won’t rotate on Galaxy S5, including software bugs. Read the instructions below to learn how to fix these problem on your smartphone.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S5 screen won’t rotate

The first solution to fix the screen won’t rotate on Galaxy S5 is to do a self-test to see what’s wrong with the phone. You can do a self test by entering in the dial pad “*#0*#” (without the quotation marks). After the phone goes into service mode, select on “sensors” and complete a self test. Sometimes wireless carriers turn off this setting and you won’t be able to access the service screen. If that’s the case, then you’ll need to reseting your phone back to factory defaults. If you don’t know how to do this, you can learn how to factory reset the Galaxy S5 by reading this guide. It’s suggested that you check the problem with your wireless provider to see if they know anything going wrong.

Another recommendation to fix your Galaxy S5 screen won’t rotate is to do a hard reset. You should first backup and save all files, contacts, pictures and other info before you complete a hard reset. The reason for this is because a hard reset will  delete all data, settings, and apps. You can backup your Galaxy S5 by going to Settings > tap on Backup & reset. Read this guide on how to perform a hard reset on Samsung Galaxy S5 with this guide, here.

The final suggestion that we don’t really suggest would be hitting your smartphone with the back of your hand. This will give your smartphone a small jolt that’ll sometimes fix the problem. You should know that you take a risk be doing this and should be careful.

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