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How To Fix Nexus 5X not charging

A lot of Nexus 5X devices are issue free. However, some people have claimed that their Nexus 5X is not charging correctly. Some Nexus 5X users believed that their USB cable was the problem and went out and bought a brand new charger. We recommend for you to take a look at the some quick methods to fix the issue when the Nexus 5X is not charging when it is plugged in.

There are some other common reasons for the Nexus 5X charger not working such as:

  1. Broken, pushed, or bent in connectors on battery or device.
  2. Smartphone is defective.
  3. Battery is damaged.
  4. Defective charging cable or unit.
  5. Temporary smartphone issue.
  6. Smartphone is defective.


Change Cables

The initial thing you need to do if you notice that the Nexus is not charging correctly is your charging cable. Occasionally, you may find that you have a damaged charging cable or that it has lost the correct connection to have the Nexus 5X charged. Before you buy a brand new charger, try to switch out the old cable with another USB cable to see if that will solve the problem and to know that the cause of the issue is the cable, not something else. If it seems as if the cable is the cause, it is recommended to get a brand new USB charging cable.


Nexus 5X Reset

Occasionally, the reason you are having charging problems with the Nexus 5X when it is plugged in is because you need to reboot the software. This method could fix the issue temporarily but does help solve the charging problem on the Nexus 5X. Take a look at the guide here.


Clean USB Port

Another main problem of your Nexus 5X not charging using USB is that there may be something that is blocking the connection of the device. It could be dirt, lint, or debris, which stops the connection. A great way to solve this problem is putting a small paper or needle and try to move it around the USB port to get it out. A lot of the time, this is the reason why you are having charging problems with the Nexus 5X. But, keep in mind that if you clean the USB port, you have to be careful to not damage the port while moving the pin or paper clip.


Get Help From an Authorized Technician

The methods above do not work to solve the Nexus 5X charging issue, a suggestion is to take the device and have a Nexus technician to check it out. If for a particular reason the device needs to be repaired, they may be able to give you a replacement if the device is under warranty.

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