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How To Get Free Ringtone Downloads On Google Pixel And Pixel XL

For those who recently purchased the Google Pixel or Pixel XL, you may be looking for ways through which you can get free downloads for ringtones. If you would like to create unique ringtones for specific contacts on your Pixel and the Pixel XL, then it is crucial for you to know how to get the free ringtone downloads. You may also want ringtones to set as alarm tones. In the guide below, we shall take you through the process of getting free ringtone downloads on your Google Pixel and the Pixel Xl.


Get free ringtone downloads on your Google Pixel and the Pixel XL 

It is quite easy to create custom ringtones on your Google Pixel and the Pixel XL. You can choose to customize ringtones for specific contacts as well as set message ringtones. The steps below can be used to customize ringtones;

  1. Power on your Google Pixel or the Google Pixel XL
  2. From the dialer, browse and select the contact you would like to set a ringtone for.
  3. To edit the contact, select on the icon shaped like a pen
  4. Choose on Ringtone
  5. All the ringtones should show up in the pop up window that comes on
  6. Browse through to locate the song you would like to set as your contact’s ringtone
  7. You can also click on Add to bring a sound file from your phone storage to the ringtones available. Once this sound file has been added, you can proceed to select it as the contact’s ringtone.


The instructions provided in the guide above should be sufficient to help you change the ringtone for a specific contact on your Pixel or the Pixel XL. While other phone calls use a standard sound set by default from settings the contact for which you customized a ringtone, will use their own customized tune. The main reason for creating a customized ringtone on your Pixel and Pixel XL is so as to provide a personalized look things. It will also enable you to find out who the caller is without necessarily have to look at your Pixel or the Pixel XL.




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