How To Set Song As Ringtone On Google Pixel And Pixel XL

If you own the Google’s new smartphone, then it’s a good idea to know how to set song as ringtone on Pixel and Pixel XL. When you use music as ringtone on Pixel and Pixel XL, it’ll allow you to make your smartphone more customizable and know exactly who’s calling you based on the ringtone coming from your phone. The following are instructions on how to set a song as a ringtone Google Pixel and Pixel XL.


How to set a song as a ringtone on Pixel and Pixel XL 

The guide below we’ll explain how create custom ringtones for individual people on your smartphone. You can also use these steps to set custom tones for text messages as well.

  1. Turn on your smartphone.
  2. Open the Dialer app.
  3. Go to the contact you want to set a ringtone.
  4. Tap on the pen-shaped icon to edit the contact.
  5. Tap on “Ringtone”.
  6. You’ll now see a window with all your ringtone sound options.
  7. Choose the song you want to set as a ringtone.
  8. If you can’t find the ringtone you want, tap on the “Add” button and search your device storage, select that song.


Once you follow the steps above, you’ll be able to specific ringtones contacts on Pixel or Pixel XL. The setting will only make ringtone changes to an individual contact and keep the standard default ringtone the same. Many people want to make a custom ringtone on the Pixel or Pixel XL to make their smartphone more personable and be able to know who’s calling based on the ringtone and not have to make any guesses.


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