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How To Solve Not Charging Grey Battery Issue On Google Pixel And Pixel XL

One user reportedly claimed that he faced a not charging battery issue with the. This was after he dropped his phone. A damaged charging port or a damaged cable could be the reasons for the not charging grey battery issues. Debris or dust stuck in the charging port could also contribute to this problem because they tend to interrupt a clear connection.


Cleaning the USB Port

If you experience similar charging issues after dropping your Pixel of the Pixel Xl, some dust or debris could get into the USB charging port, hence blocking connection. The best way to remedy the situation would be using a small needle to get rid of the blockage. Most of the charging problems are as a result of this blockage. While removing the dust and debris care should be taken not to damage any parts of the port thus cleaning should be gently done.


Fixing a not charging grey battery by using System Dump

When you complete the system mode dump, this allows you to debug the panel as well as execute various functions. Different many functions can also be used to boost the sped of your network. To complete a system dump go through the following steps;

  1. Go to the Dialer
  2. From the dialer, type, the following USSD code, *#9900#
  3. A page will show up. At the bottom of this page, choose on the Low Battery Dump option.
  4. Click on Turn On


Fixing a Google Pixel and Pixel XL that is not charging

The following reasons could also contribute to a not charging Google Pixel or Pixel XL;

  1. A pushed in, broken or bent connectors on your Pixel or the Pixel XL or on the battery
  2. A defective smartphone
  3. A faulty battery
  4. A faulty charging cable or charging unit
  5. Temporarily faultiness of the smartphone


Changing the USB Cables

If you notice that your Google Pixel or the Pixel XL is starting to charge abnormally slowly, the first thing you need to check is the USB cable you are using. A damaged cable losses the proper connection hence it gets faulty when you try to use it for charging your Pixel or the Pixel XL. Instead of rushing to buy another cable right confirm whether the issue is solely as a result of the cable. You can do this by trying to charge using a different USB cable.


Solve the issue by Resetting your Google Pixel or the Pixel XL

If you are experiencing similar charging issues and the above solutions seem not to work, try to reboot your Pixel or the Pixel XL since the problem could be as a result of the software. This solution can provide a temporary solution to the problem but nevertheless, it will help you to get rid of the problem at the moment. For the detailed guide, read it here.










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