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How To Turn OFF iPhone And iPad In iOS 10 Camera Shutter Sound

Have the new Apple iPhone or iPad with iOS 10? Is so you’ll undoubtedly be enjoying its amazing high megapixel camera. What you might not be enjoying so much, is the sound the camera shutter makes every time it is used.

If you live in the United States, you should be aware that removing the shutter sound completely is illegal. Here we provide a few ideas for ways to dampen the shutter sound, or remove it completely if it is right that you should do so within your region.


Mute or turn down the volume

You can use the normal sounds control buttons to alter the volume of all sounds made by the device. Pressing volume down all the way will put the phone into vibrate mode. In this state the shutter sound should be far less audible and less annoying.


Headphones don’t help

If you try plugging headphones in, you might receive a very disappointing surprise. All media sound made by the device will be played through the headphones, but notifications and the shutter audio will still come out of the speakers of the iphone or iPad.


Third party camera apps

With some third party camera apps, it is possible to completely turn off camera shutter sound. It may take some time going through the mass of options available for the iPhone or iPad with iOS 10, but once you find one that works, this can be the best solution to the issue.


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