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How To Turn OFF Pixel And Pixel XL Camera Shutter Sound

The new Google Pixel and Pixel XL has a superb camera that is perfectly capable of taking pristine photos and videos. One thing that can become noticeable is the sound the device makes when the camera shutter closes.

Whether you are shooting wildlife or taking a selfie, many people will prefer the sound to be disabled. In the United States there are laws that prevent users from turning the sound off completely. Here we provide a few idea for ways to dampen the noise as well as remove it completely.


Try a third party camera app

A great way to get round this issue is by installing a third party camera app. You will need to find one that does not make a sound for the shutter, or one that allows you to control the level of sound made. It might take some time searching through the apps in the play store and trying several out, but this is one of the easiest long term solutions.


Mute or turn down the volume

It is also possible to dampen the sounds of the built in camera shutter sound by turning down the volume of the phone. If you turn the volume all the way done until it reaches mute and vibrate only mode, the shutter sounds should be practically inaudible.


Headphones won’t help

You might think that plugging in headphones might stop or change the sounds made by the camera shutters, but just to let you know, this does not help. The sound will still come through and may even be slightly more irritating to those around you. On the Pixel and Pixel XL, sounds from notifications are separated from that of audio files. You might not hear the shutter with headphones on, but others around you certainly will.


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